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The New Mark's Club Director

We caught up with Mario Pederzolli to ask him ten hard-hitting questions to give Members an intimate, comical and insightful look into what makes our new Club Director tick;

What is your vision for Mark’s Club?
To respect and build on the values that are its very essence: namely, the Club’s sense of discretion, timeless elegance and understated style.

What does luxury mean to you?
A pleasure obtained rarely.... and most importantly, having the time to appreciate.

What is your favourite room in Mark’s Club and why?
I simply cannot choose! Every room carries its own distinctive charm.

What are your expectations of a Members’ Club?
An environment of mutual respect and appreciation, where Members are warmly welcomed and attended to. A sense of sanctuary and a home from home. A service team that listens always, is sensitive to Members’ needs and exceeds expectations. 

Who is your favourite Tailor?
Without question, Huntsman for its timeless elegance and classic style... which I admire from afar!

What is your go-to aperitif?
G&T. Tanqueray 10 and Monkey 47 are favourites. Antonino and the team are advising me to try Plymouth gin too...which I shall do, purely for research purposes you understand.

What is your favourite dish currently on the menu?
These are the joys that await as I gradually familiarise myself with the menu. Thanks to the efforts and creativity of Nicolas and the team, the Club’s cuisine carries a very high reputation within the group.

What makes an excellent Maître d'?
Having an understanding of and sensitivity to the service required at any given moment. To provide and convey a seemingly effortless and smooth running service at all times... perception is reality after all! 

What is the most memorable moment in your hospitality career? 
It will embarrass the wonderful Jackie and so I apologise in advance! Prior to my appointment five years ago, at Richard Caring's kind invitation I experienced all five of our wonderful Clubs over one weekend. This in itself was memorable enough, but the welcome received by Jackie at Mark’s Club was extraordinary in its warmth, attentiveness and professionalism. Something I know our Members can relate to and appreciate.

What three things could you not live without?
Family, friends...and the backgammon app for my daily commute.

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