Five Minutes with Nicholas Palmer
The Mark's Club General Manager

We caught up with Nicholas Palmer to ask him a selection of questions to give Members an intimate, comical and insightful look into what makes our new General Manager tick;

What is your favourite food and wine pairing?

For me, simplicity is key. I love a cold glass of chardonnay in the sun with some jamon, crisps, olives and nuts.

What does luxury mean to you? 

When I am feeling truly blessed and spoilt knowing that what I am experiencing is unlike anything anywhere else in the world.

Who would be your guests at your ultimate dinner party? 

I love comedy (especially at a dinner table) so my selection would have to include Ricky Gervais, Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Sacha Baron Cohen.

What is your go-to apéritif or digestif?
A Vodka Martini, served very dry with a twist. Failing that, a scotch is hard to beat.

What are some of your personal favourite menu items at Mark’s Club?
The food at The Club is so amazing, I love it all but if it were to be my last meal it would have to be the Cobb Salad and the Steak Tartare, as well as anything from the Trolley.

What is your favourite piece of art in Mark’s Club and why?
I have always loved Henry Moore and Picasso so to have them going up the stairs is quite special.

Favourite cigar and why?
I used to smoke a lot of cigars and will still smoke one at any opportunity. My favourite has always been and still is Cohiba siglo 5.

What characteristics do you think are vital to being a great Club Manager?
To be happy and positive; this will always then be reflected in your staff and the Members.

Can you tell us three secrets to running an exceptional Members Club in London?
To listen and take on board all feedback from Members. Keeping the Club looking magnificent and having a great team all working together as one, from cleaners to chefs to managers.

What three things could you not live without?
Football, friends and family (in that order).